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Through the widespread maintenance teams and mobile workshops of Ezhalha, or through guiding you to the nearest recommended car service centers, we aim to reach you wherever you are to offer you with the following services:
Full Mobile Workshops
Battery Repair and Charge
Tire Repairs
Oil Change
Car-Key Issues Solutions
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Towing Trucks
Computer Inspection
Car Wash
Gas Fuel Delivery
24/7 Customer Service and FREE Phone Consultations

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  • Over 12 years of experience in car maintenance and customer services
  • Over 200 employees to serve you
  • We are available now in All Saudi Arabia
  • We save your time, and treat your car with quality and efficiency
  • Join our team as a "Service Provider" and receive your roadside assistance tool kit
  • We serve you through Ezhalha team, or through the nearest qualified partners
  • We answer all of your inquiries wherever you are through Ezhalha hotline.
  • Free download and consultation for your car maintenance
  • Easy to use with quick response

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